Gato Gets An Emotional Support Degree Like His Mother

Gato gets an emotional support degree with his mother.

Salem, a lovely fluffy kitten, was rescued by his human family when he was just 7 weeks old and had both legs broken. He was treated by a veterinarian and was able to totally cure his wounds, transforming him into the funniest and safest cat on the planet.

Salem has a keen sense of intuition and is often sensitive to other people’s emotions, particularly when it comes to his human mother. As Salem got bigger, the kitten’s mother understood that he would be the one to save her in the end.

Salem’s mother, Hailee Weader, told The Dodo:

“If I’ve had a bad day or am having a panic attack, he would nuzzle me and begin rubbing my legs while purring. It’s been a great source of comfort throughout the last year.”
Gato gets his emotional support degree with his mother.

When Hailee was ready to finish her college studies, she realized she couldn’t do it without Salem’s help, so throughout her final year, the lovely black feline became her emotional support cat.

Remember the mother of the kitten:

“He was like a tiny hero on campus, and people would stop us and speak or pet him for a while every time we walked or pushed him in his cat stroller.”

When the time came for Hailee to get her diploma, she knew she could depend on Salem’s help. He’d been her rock throughout college, assisting her in numerous ways, and he deserved to graduate with her.

Due to the pandemic, the graduation ceremony was kept short and quick, and Salem was delighted to be a part of Hailee’s special day. Salem and his gorgeous graduation attire were a hit with everyone.

Hailee remembers:

“Everyone was happy, and her dress looked beautiful. Everything ran perfectly, and we were able to enjoy and celebrate our ceremony.

When Hailee first met Salem, she had no idea that he would be able to assist her in so many ways. Of course, Salem is well know that she helped him through his difficult early years as a baby and likes giving him with attention.

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