This Charming Shelter Kitty Tried All In Her Power To convince This Man To Adopt Her

This beautiful Siamese’s main objective was to find a forever loving home. She ended up in an adoption facility at Petsmart, where potential adopters kept showing up but this beautiful little kitten picked only one young man who worked at the business.

The staffer was shocked when an excessively friendly Siamese walked up to him and made sure he recognized her after coming over to visit the shelter kittens.

As soon as he approached, she pressed her paws on the glass window of her small condo, pleading for him to take her up.

She made it her life’s purpose to be adopted by that young man, and she did so in the cutest way possible!

The employee felt obliged to bring his girlfriend to the store in order for her to see the kitten for the first time. The kitten leapt into his arms and hung on to him as soon as the cage door was opened.

The adoption procedure was lengthy and took many days to complete, but the couple saw the Siamese every day, which strengthened their bond with her. Pork Chop was her name.

“In our eternal home, she has made herself at home. She enjoys cuddling and exploring, and she is outgoing and chatty with everyone “she said.