When A Dog Sees A Portrait Of His Deceased Brother, He Has The Most Touching Reaction

Smiff, the wonderful old dog, may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

Frank, his brother, can attest to this.

Following Smiff’s death last month, his owner, Libby Davey, decided to commission a painting of him to put in her house.

She could never have predicted that it would mean as much to Frank as it did to her.

When Davey finished the painting and put it on the wall, Frank had the most emotional reaction.

Smiff’s soul had gone free, but he’d never truly departed in certain respects.

That reality was simply exposed by the new painting.

Of course, nothing can bring Smiff back to life, but it’s evident that his loving memories will live on in Davey and Frank’s hearts forever.

Smiff, a fine dog, deserves nothing less.