Meet This Adorable Hairless Bunny, Mr. Bigglesworth Was Rescued From Euthanasia And Now Has A Loving Home

Cassandra Hall from Victoria, Australia, saw one day on Internet a hairless rabbit. She asked to the page to view more pictures because was so interested.

The breeder sent her images and told her she could have it for free.

Hairless rabbits don’t sell and he had to put down the one he had before.

So Cassandra decided to go the other day to see the hairless rabbit. She named him Mr. Bigglesworth, and he fit right in.

Cassandra wasn’t so sure about rabbit’s health.

Turns out, if two rabbits are with and both of them have the ff gene (hairless gene), they will produce a hairless baby in every litter. Such was the case of Mr. Bigglesworth. Most of these bunnies don’t live past 4 weeks of age.

“He lives inside with us, we never let him outside because Australia has the calicivirus which kills rabbits and is transported by mosquito bites,” Mr. Bigglesworth’s human mom explained. “He is kept warm by his numerous jumpers and his companion rabbit Miss Cinnamon Bun.”

Isn’t Mr. Bigglesworth the cutest?