Stray Cat Loses Ears Due to Infection, Receives Stylish Crocheted Pair, and Finds Forever Hom

Lady in a Fur Coat (or Lady for short) was a stray cat that was rescued by The Dane County Humane Society after the organization discovered the kitten had several medical concerns. Unfortunately, she had to have her ear flaps removed shortly after being admitted owing to serious recurrent infections and hematomas. Fortunately, a Dane County Humane Society employee crocheted a hat in the style of cat ears and gave it to Kitty to replace her fallen ears. Lady looked extremely attractive with her new pair of ears, and she appreciated the present.

Lady’s tale was then posted on Facebook in the hopes of finding her a permanent home. The post soon went viral, and people on the Internet instantly fell in love with her. Lady was adopted by a kind-hearted owner less than 24 hours after I shared her tale. She was taken care of by staffs after a few weeks in the organization, and she soon found a new pair of ears and her perfect match, a permanent home and a decent human who would offer her loads of care and a heart full of love. Lady can hear perfectly despite missing her ears, and she is still a very happy and lovely cat. She enjoys giving everyone she encounters gentle head rubs and cuddles.

Take a look at Lady’s new pair of ears in this pic, she is so cute anyway.