Cat Spends So Much Time In The Hospital That He Gets His Own Job

When Chantel Trollip arrives at work at a nearby hospital, she is met by a variety of employees, including Elwood the cat.

“I met Elwood for the first time about a year ago. Trollip told The Dodo, “I took up extra hours at the hospital and noticed him hanging around more regularly.” “He’s there almost every day; if I don’t see him, my coworkers will. He’s generally seen protecting the front entrance or lying in the shrubs nearby, soaking up the sun.”


Elwood’s history and affiliations are unknown to Trollip and her employees, but he has always appeared at peace at the hospital. No one questioned it after a time, and Elwood was seen as simply another hospital employee.


Trollip arrived at work one day and noticed Elwood — and soon noted that, in addition to his collar, he was now wearing an employee ID card that identified him as a member of the security team. She’d had a terrible start to the day, but learning that Elwood was no longer an independent contractor and had been “hired” as a full-time employee of the hospital soon changed her mind.

Trollip explained, “He has his own ID card that is similar to our genuine staff credentials, down to the call numbers on the back.”

Elwood’s day-to-day routine hasn’t altered much now that he’s a full-fledged employee, since he’s always taken his job seriously. He’s always appreciated the attention and pats on the head, but he doesn’t have time to snuggle or hang out with one group for too long. He has a job to perform, after all.


Trollip stated, “He appreciates a nice pat but wants to keep things short and roam around a lot.” “After all, he’s on the security team, and he needs to make sure everyone coming in and out is checked.”


While Trollip and her employees aren’t sure where Elwood came from, they’re pleased he’s here, and everyone feels safer knowing Elwood the guard cat is constantly on the lookout.