‘A Mother Is Always A Mother’: Fox Gives Milk To Koala Babies That Lost Their Mother In Forest fires

Australia Forest fires claimed the lives of nearly a billion animals and impacted millions more. Mother animals were separated from their young, leaving the cubs without moms. Food has been dropped from the sky by Australian officials to ensure that animals who survived the bushfires do not go hungry.

However, the authorities will never be able to meet all of the animals’ demands. Nature, particularly animals, has repeatedly demonstrated that compassion is not only a human attribute.

Credit: Shreya Chauhan

A video of a red fox breastfeeding has gone viral, with claims that it is feeding newborn koalas and connections to Australia’s forest fires.

This season’s bushfires in Australia have burned a billion animals and claimed the lives of 20 people. Thousands of people have been forced to flee their houses due to the flooding. The country is in desperate need of funding to care for living animals and to repair damage.