The Veterinarian Who Helped Him Turn His Life Around Fell In Love With The Three-Legged Kitty

When a beautiful Burmese kitten, just over two weeks old, was found imprisoned in a box spring in an apartment in Manhattan, New York, he was saved from a tough position (United States). The little kitty had lost one of its legs and had to be rushed to the Veterinary Emergency Group for care.

Etienne, the cat, needed 24 hours of emergency medicine. So Camille Duvieusart BVMS, the clinic’s emergency doctor, decided to keep him so that the kitten could get the best care possible while preparing for his surgery. The fluffy white kitten was focused and brave to live.

Little Wanderers NYC, a New York City-based rescue group, told Love Meow:

“He was sent over to the Veterinary Emergency Group ( VEG ), who contacted us for assistance, which we gladly provided.”

The vet was charmed over by a three-legged kitten.


His new foster mother took care of everything the kitten need, and the resident dog stepped up to provide a hand and give company. Despite his small stature and early age, the chance of infection was quite high, necessitating surgery as soon as possible.