Dog Won’t Stop Hugging His Human Father Who Was Injured In A Fall

Jess Hueche, 28, was injured while pruning a tree outside his Baha Blanca, Argentina, house. Tony, his dog, demonstrated the unwavering, unconditional love that animals have for their families. The dog was extremely distressed and would not leave his human father, who had fallen from the tree and was knocked unconscious by a powerful blow to the head.

When the paramedics came, they discovered Tony next to Jess. The dog was still firmly holding and supporting him while being helped with a neck brace.

When the guy finally reacted, he offered Tony a pat to reassure him that everything would be fine. Tony attempted to enter the ambulance while it was being used to transport him to the hospital.

Fortunately, Jesus only had minor wounds and was soon allowed to leave the hospital. Pictures of the dog that was with the man when the tragedy happened have gone viral.

Man had an accident and his dog refused to leave him

Christ said:

“We found him one day on the street, adopted him, gave him love and food, and now he is a member of our family. Tom Thumb, my grandson, is even Tony’s son. He is a son to me.

In between laughter, Jesus said:

He follows me around and sleeps on my bed until my wife takes him outside. It was a fright because all I have is a swelled back and a head injury, none of which are serious. It was the final one before finishing the task, so I ascended a ladder since I was having trouble with a branch».

Jesus continued:

“I didn’t know it, but I passed out when I fell. When I first opened my eyes, the dog was on top of me and growling at the paramedics and Civil Defense personnel. Even as they were about to place my neck brace on and one of the persons helping me was almost bit by the stretcher.